Electropathy has four fundamental laws:

  • Law of Polarity
  • Temperament
  • Law of Dosology
  • Selection of Remedies


  • Electropathy medicines are unique, non-toxic, natural & harmless.
  • Electropathy medicines have no side or adverse effect at all on human body because medicines are so prepared with the help of natural ingredients such as distilled water, spageric essence of medicinal plants at 27ºC i.e. room temperature.
  • Medicines are reasonably priced and most suited for rural masses, who have limited resources and have apprehensions in adopting expensive modern day system of medicine and treatment.
  • Any discomfort or emergencies can be easily and quickly controlled.
  • Medicines are prepared with Cohabitation process at normal room temperature (27ºC).
  • Very exceptionally patient requires hospitalization, except under complex surgeries or classical cases.
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