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Naturo Electro-Homoeopathy Medicos of India in short NEHM of India is a pioneering organization engaged in the promotion, development and research of Herbal oriented medical system since 1983. In span of over 3½ decades the organization has come up with broad network of qualified Electropathy practitioner, in rural as well as urban India. All these Electro-paths, practice under the NEHM of India’s affiliation. Currently there are nearly 70+ Electropathy Medical Institutes actively educating competent Electro-paths throughout India, by imparting quality education that covers a very comprehensively designed, medical curriculum.

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Student Testimonials

Dr. Rajesh Saxena (BEMS – 4)

Hello Friends, I am Running Electropathy Clinic since 5 years, I am getting magical results from Electropathy Medicines. I have completed my BEMS Course from NEHM OF India's affiliate VSR Memorial Medical Institute of Electropathy, Kanpur.

Completed BEMS
Practitioner: Sithmara, Kanpur Dehat

Dr. Trilok Singh (BEMS – 4)

Namaskaar, I am running my Electropathy clinic in Rampura, Dist. Jalon since 3 years, Electropathy medicines are very effective and giving magical results. I have completed my 4 Years BEMS Course and 6 month internship from NEHM OF India Board.

BEMS From VSR Memorial Medical Institute
Practitioner, Electropathy


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मरीजों के लिए वरदान है हर्बल चिकित्सा पद्धति एलेक्ट्रोपैथी: डॉ आकाश अवस्थी

एलेक्ट्रोपैथी प्रेक्टिशनर कॉउंसिल द्वारा अमर कॉलोनी स्तिथ आयुष्मान मेडिकल इंस्टिट्यूट ऑफ़ एलेक्ट्रोपैथी एंड हॉस्पिटल के प्रांगण मई 26

स्वास्थ्य मंत्री श्री रघु शर्मा से इलेक्ट्रोपैथी चिकित्सकों ने की भेंट

राजस्थान के स्वास्थ्य मंत्री श्री रघु शर्मा के कोटा प्रवास के दौरान स्थानीय इलेक्ट्रोपैथी चिकित्सकों ने स्वागत किया
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