1. Whether Electropathy and NEHM is recognized from any Government ?

Yes, Electropathy is recognized in a State like Rajasthan through a Bill introduced in State Assembly in the year 2018. Centrally it is under process and consideration of the Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health & F.W., Govt. of India. For this purpose an Inter Departmental Committee (IDC) has already been constituted to examine the viability of Alternative System of Medicines including Electropathy /Electro Homoeopathy. NEHM of India is authorized for promotion, development & research of Electropathy as competent authority for medical education and practice.

2. Whether Electropathy courses (BEMS & MDEH) run by NEHM of India is recognized ?

Since the Electropathy medical system is presently working at promotion, development & research , until the system is recognized through an Act , it cannot be said to be recognized.

3. Whether BEMS is degree ?

No, it is a certification course of 4½ years duration.

4. Whether after completion of BEMS /MDEH courses , a person can practice Electropathy as a doctor ?

As per Central Govt. order dt. 25-11-2003 , BEMS /MDEH qualified persons can practice Electropathy as an Electropath practitioner only

5. Whether practice registration certificate issued by NEHM of India requires to be renewed ? What is the validity period of Practice Registration certificate ?

Yes, the practice registration certificate issued by NEHM of India requires to be renewed with the interval of every five years. The validity of Practice Registration certificate is of 5 years.

6. What are the orders on which NEHM is developing Electropathy competently and legally?

Although there are several orders (Judiciary as well as Government) which indicates NEHM is promoting Electropathy Competently and Legally. The main remarkable orders are :

  • Delhi High Court order dt. 18-11-1998 in the matter of FAO No. 205/92 which further re-affirmed by Hon’ble Apex Court on 24-11-2000.
  • Delhi Govt. notification dt. 20-06-2003
  • Central Govt. order dt. 05-05-2010 duly corroborated /accepted by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India dt. 22-01-2015.
  • Tamilnadu High Court order dt. 28-11-2016

7. What are the documents required for getting practice registration certificate?

4 passport size photographs , Photostat copies of all BEMS/MDEH mark-sheets and certificates , requisite registration fee by way of cash /demand draft in favour of NEHM of India, New Delhi, Registration form duly filled in and signed including thumb impression.

8. What are the documents required for renewal of Practice Registration certificate?

4 passport size photographs , Photostat copies of all BEMS/MDEH mark-sheets and certificates , requisite renewal registration fee by way of cash /demand draft in favour of NEHM of India, New Delhi, Registration Renewal form duly filled in and signed including thumb impression. Photocopy of Electropathy medicine purchase bill from NEHM, submission of two reports of atleast two patient of chronic cases achieved during treatment is mandatory.

9. What are the basic qualification for getting admission in BEMS course?

10+2 /intermediate /higher secondary of any stream. However, 10+2 with PCB is preferred.

10. Since Electropathy is not recognized by Central Govt. , what is the legal status of Electropathy and NEHM of India?

Before recognition of any medical system, it requires to be developed many-many years for example all hither to recognize medical systems viz. Allopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, Sowa-Rigpa were working at promotion & development stage many years and thereupon people approached competent authority for recognition. Similar situation is for Electropathy. Electropathy is being developed by NEHM of India with the support of Judiciary as well as Government like competent authority.

11. Whether after completion of BEMS /MDEH courses under NEHM , Government will offer job in different departments?

Since Electropathy is yet to be recognized Centrally , until the system is recognized certificates are not applicable for Government jobs.  However, qualified persons may do  jobs in private sector. In addition to this , qualified persons after getting registration  are very entitled to do medical practice in Electro Homoeopathy in accordance with  Judiciary orders viz. Delhi High Court order dt. 18-11-1998 duly re-affirmed by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India dt. 24-11-2000 , Central Govt. order /policy decision dt. 05-05-2010 duly accepted /corroborated by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India dt. 22-01-2015.

12. What kind of medicines to be prescribed to the patient during practice in the clinic?

Only Electropathy medicines. Except this no medicine of other method of system of medicine be used during practice.

13. Whether an Electropath practitioner of NEHM of India can issue medical certificate to the patient under going his/her treatment?

Terms and conditions for practice is /are already printed on the registration certificate as an important directives which can be referred.

14. Is there any possibility of side /adverse effect on using Electropathicmedicines?

No chemical or animal substances are used to prepare Electropathy medicines. Only essences of non poisonous medicinal plants are used to prepare Electropathy medicines with distilled water at normal room temperature (37°C or 98.6° F). Therefore, not a single case of side /adverse effect has been reported so far.

15. Whether Drugs and Cosmetics Act applicable for Electropathy?

Any medical Act are Drugs and Cosmetics Acts is/are applicable  for recognized medical system and not under developing system medicine.  Since Electropathy medical system has not yet been recognized from Central Government , Drugs and Cosmetics Act is not applicable on Electropathy.

16. Whether the clinics of Electropathy requires to be registered with the office of Local Health Authority like CMO under Clinical Establishment Act , 2005?

Clinical Establishment Act is applicable to the practitioners of recognized medical system practicing in the clinic and as such the clinics of such practitioners requires to be registered with Local Health Authorities under Clinical Establishment Act. Electropathy /Electro Homoeopathy is working at the stage of development is yet to be recognized Centrally , the said Act is not applicable to get registration from Local Health Authorities /CMO.

17. Whether Electropathy practitioners can utilize the medical equipment to investigate the diseases?

Of course in order to find out or investigate the disease, using medical equipment like thermometer, stethoscope , BP instrument and other medical equipment is mandatory. Without investigation , disease cannot be found and in that context treatment will not be done properly. Other pathological test like Blood Sugar, Urine , USG etc according to need may also be carried out.

18. What are the difference between the certificates of regular (completed through affiliated medical institutes) and correspondence /distance (completed through NEHM of India directly)?

Course syllabus are similar , formulation of mark-sheets/ certificates as well as practice registration certificate are similar and hence the validity of the same are similar. Only mode of education is differ. Board Enrolment Number is separated with the view to identify their qualification.

19. Whether after expiry of five years , names of registered practitioners will be deleted on the relevant registers?

The validity of registration certificate is of five years. Two months extra time from the date of expiry is allowed and thereafter remarks “not valid for practice” is marked on website record.

20. Is any assistance is provided by NEHM to its registered practitioner in case harassment of Local Police Authority /Medical Authority during practice?

On receipt of the report or complaint , NEHM of India provides all legal documents indicating their rights to practice  Electropathy medicine.  Necessary verification for the authenticity of the qualifying certificate as well as Registration certificate is also carried out  as and when required by the authority.

21. What are the methods or sources to obtain Electropathy medicines from NEHM?

Basically there are two methods to get medicines. One from counter of NEHM and second through post. Order can be put up through telephonic conversation ,whatsApp or through email.  According to convenience customer (practitioner) may deposit amount in cash or transfer in account or may submit demand draft. GST and transportation charges is extra required.

22. Whether all books according to the syllabus or course of study is available in NEHM?

MateriaMedica , Practice of Medicine and Pharmacy are separate books of  each medical system. Therefore, these books are readily available in NEHM. Common subject books viz Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Food & Hygiene (SPM), Gynecology, Ophthalmology, E.N.T., Medical Jurisprudence, Pediatrics & Obstetrics and Surgery are available in medical book shops in the market.

23. How many dilutions NEHM provides?

According to Mattei, there are (38+22=60) medicines in dilution form is available. NEHM only provides 1st Further dilution can be made of its own by the practitioner on the ratio of 1:9 with atleast 100 strokes according to need proportionally.

24. How many patent product NEHM provides?

Henceforth , there are 67 patent products in 10 ml., 30 ml., 100 ml. and 450 ml. (according to pack size) are available in NEHM. List may be downloaded from NEHM portal.

25. Whether Electropathy or Electro Homoeopathy both are same?

Yes, both are same. The founder of the system Dr.CountCeaserMattei discovered this medical system in the name of Electro Homoeopathy. In the year 1987 & 88 Indian Government (CCH & CCRH) objected on the word Homoeopathy because Homoeopathy is a separate medical system and advised to delete the word Homoeo from the title. Thus on the suggestion , NEHM is using Electropathy/ Electro Homoeopathy.

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