Key People

Dr. Narendra Kumar Awasthy

Dr. Narendra Kumar Awasthy is the pioneering name in the promotion, development and research of Electropathy in India. It was his vision, that NEHM Central Board was formed (in the year 1983) to provide fundamental and advance education in the field of Electropathy, by way of BEMS I/II/III/IV certificate level courses and with MDeh I/II as advance courses.

Ever since its inception the Board has produced numerous successful practicing Electro-paths in India. It was his efforts that GOI has appointed him as one of the Expert Members in Committees constituted by the Ministry of Health and F.W., Govt. of India for the recognition of Electropathy. As an Expert Member he had judiciously replied to queries, questions and doubts raised by MPs (Members of Parliament) from both houses in Parliament, on the efficacy of Electropathy as a fifth medical system and its due Recognition in India, through Pvt. Member Bills (Electropathy Recognition Bill) in the Parliament.

Due to his persistent efforts towards the promotion, various courts have also passed the order in favor of Electropathy as well as NEHM of India. In addition to this the Hon’ble Courts have also granted legal rights to NEHM of India and in accordance with court’s judgment. “NEHM of India may issue Diploma/Certificates and holders to such diploma/certificates are entitled to practice Electropathy System of Medicines on the strength thereof”. His sincere efforts and dedication, NEHM of India and Electropathy have arrived at a stage where it can establish a separate identity in the medical systems as a complete disease system of medicines commonly known as fifth new medical system Electropathy which has separate Pharmacopoeia.

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