(Herbal oriented 5TH new medical system)

An Overview:
Electropathy is relatively a new medical system, authenticated under the category of alternative system of medicine by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. This medical system was first discovered by Dr. Count Ceaser Mattei, an Italian Armed force Officer, in the year 1865. This system of medicine is purely herbal, based on the medicinal properties of plants from Plant-Kingdom. These medicinal properties are extracted through a process of COHOBATION (similar to ark extraction in Ayurveda) mixed with distilled & denatured alcohol water and spageric essence, in controlled proportion, at normal room temperature.

The complete philosophy of Electropathy system is based on the balance between two vital fluids in human bodies; these two vital fluids are Blood & Lymph. Any imbalance between the two is the root cause disease or ailment. If we can bring balance between the two, we can treat almost any disease or ailments. Being purely herbal, all medicines in this system are natural, harmless, non toxic, environment friendly and are virtually free from any side effect with zero carbon credit.

NEHM of India.
Naturo Electro-Homoeopathy Medicos of India in short NEHM of India is a pioneering organization engaged in the promotion, development & research of Herbal oriented medical system since 1983. In span of over 3½ decades the organization has come up with broad network of qualified Electropathy practitioner, in rural as well as urban India. All these Electro-paths, practice under the NEHM of India’s affiliation. Currently there are nearly 70+ Electropathy Medical Institutes actively educating competent Electro-paths throughout India, by imparting quality education that covers a very comprehensively designed, medical curriculum.

NEHM of India is a competent authority to conduct examination and award certificates as per the directives made in FAO No.205/92 dt. 18-11-1998 passed by Hon’ble Delhi High Court. Hon’ble Supreme Court of India maintained this status quo/ had re-affirmed it through SLP 11262/2000 dt.24-11-2000 filed by Delhi Govt. and Union of India. Delhi Govt. has also issued a notification confirming this observation. Complying the order of Hon’ble Allahabad High Court dt. 03-08-2009 in CMWP.No.31904 of 1991 filed by it, Ministry of Health & F.W., Govt. of India has already issued a order vide No. V.25011/276/2009-HR dt. 05-05-2010 mentioning therein in accordance with orders of the High Court and Supreme Court quoted here, there is no proposal to stop the petitioner (NEHM of India) from practicing in Electropathy or imparting education. Ministry further stated that once the legislation to recognize new system of medicine is enacted, any practice or education would be regulated in accordance with the said Act. In the said policy decision, the authorization of NEHM of India given by former Dy. Health Minister has also been accepted by the Ministry. This notification / order have become a policy decision as per the order of Hon’ble Ahmadabad High Court dt. 31-08-2010.

There are several achievements made in the past by NEHM of India in the research, promotion & development of this medical system. As a testimonial to it, Rajasthan Govt. has recognized the system, by passing a Bill in Rajasthan Assembly on 09-03-2018. Hon’ble Governor of the State has also approved / signed on the Act No.13 of 2018 (Rajasthan Electropathy Chikitsa Padhti Adhiniyam, 2018). NEHM of India has made landmark achievements in promoting Electropathy medical system along with its herbal medicines. NEHM of India is fully authorized to research & promote this system by preparing medicines as per the established global standards and norms.

Dr. Count Cesare Mattei

Genesis (Birth) of Electropathy:
Eureka moment. “I had found it” Dr. Count Ceaser Mattei who was an Army Officer turned politician, incidentally come to think of it, once his pet dog who suffered from some serious wound injury, constantly kept on visiting ditched bushes in a pit of specific plant spices, within few days his pet was remarkably cured of all his serious wounds. This incidence attracted Count Ceaser Mattei to think reasonably, how come such serious injury got cured so effectively with in no time, the incident proved to be the turning point to think of it.

Mattei meticulously researched and come to a conclusion that our food is mostly vegetables of plant kingdom and therefore, the diseases should also be cured by vegetable from plant-kingdom. With this idea he kept on his research work and found medicinal values of certain group of plants spices and there combination with other medicinal plants. Thus he evolved the basic theory of Electropathy COMPLEXA, COMPLEXIS, CURANTUR; (This means complex body requires a complex mixture. For example human body is classed as compact and therefore complex. So when disease occurs in the body, more than one part is involved. Disease can produce many symptoms and therefore complex medicine is required.) His research work further established a landmark, any imbalance or impurity between the Blood & Lymph is the root causes of disease and suffering, if we can bring balance or remove impurity between the two, we can cure any disease on earth.


All plants absorbs energy from sunlight (photosynthesis), rains and gravity of earths, all these energies are from odd time and will continued to supply energy till light is there. These OD Force energies are extracted from plants by a process called Cohabitation in the form of spageric essence (medicinal drugs).

Dr. Mattei found some 200 medicinal plants and herbs, from which he prepared 60 medicines and 44 patents, under separate Pharmacopoeia. Since Electropathy medicines are prepared with distilled water, as base medium, to preserve the medicinal values of spageric essence. None of toxic inorganic compounds, chemicals and agents are used in the preparation of Electropathy medicines.

Electropathy remedies have been arranged into twelve series of electroids they are as under:-

Srl. No.

Electroids & name of there combination

Abv. & no. of compounds


Scorofoloso: Aids metabolic process

(S1 to S12)


Angiticos: Purify Blood and nutritive substances.

(A1 toA3)


Febrifugo: Acts on nervous system & supports muscles, ligaments & tendons

(F1, F2)


Canceroso: for general disorder & organic disturbance that effects whole body

(C1 to C17)


Venerio: Protect male/female genitalia

(Ven1 to Ven5)


Limfatico: Purify Lymph and expels toxic substance foreign to the sysstem

(L1, L2)


Vermifugo: clears intestines form infestation of worms

(Ver1, Ver2)


Pettorale: Aids metabolic process

(P1 to P9)



(White+, Blue+, Red+, Yellow-, Green-)


Slass: for abdominal region, removes flatulence, cures vertigo and depression



APP: Effective skin tonic, cures boils, dryness, dermatitis, dandruff



Synthesis:  A general purpose tonic to replenish system after exhaustive disease.


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