Electropathy/Electro Homoeopathy Sucess Stories

Successful Treatment of Patients with Electropathy Medicines

Patient Case -1

Mrs. NamitaSinha Dated : 19-07-2004

Sr. Consultant in Sulabha International New Delhi.
Age -40 Yrs.
Brief Summary of case taking :- Patient came to NEHM O.P.D. complaning with Liver disorder, Indigestion, Pyrexia, Anexmic, Weekness etc.

General Examination :-
-Very Anemic
- Total Bilirubin 7.5
-Conjugated (D.Bilirubin) 6
- Unconjugated (I.D. Bilirubin) 1.5
- S.G.O.T. 970.0
- S.G.P.T. 1090.0
- Alkaline Phosphatase 228.6
After seeing the Blood report, treatment has been started from 19.07.2004,(by using Liver Tone-E (Special drop) with Synthisis 15 drops three times regularly). After 7 days another Blood test (LFT) has been done. Accordingl to the report dt.25.07.2004.
- Total Bilirubin 5.75
- Conjugated (D. Bilirubin) 4.74
- Unconjugated (I.D. Bilirubin) 1.01
- S.G.O.T. 54.8
- S.G.P.T. 80.0
- Alkaline Phosphatase 220.6

The improvement shown after taking the treatment is remarkable hence will be continued for one month. After 25 days again Blood test (LFT) has beer done. According to the report dt 16.10.2004.

- Total Bilirubin 0.9
- Conjugated (D. Bilirubin) 0.5
- Unconjugated (I.D. Bilirubin) 0.4
- S.G.O.T. 18.0
- S.G.P.T. ` 20.0
- Alkaline Phosphatase 316.0

Date 17.10.2004 present position of the patient is progressive and the metabolic activity of the liver and digestive system is gradually becoming normal.

Advise :- To continue the treatment for one month.

Patient Case - 2

Mr. S. C. Sharma Dated : 03.08.2004
Ex. Eng. P.W.D., New Delhi Age - 38 Yrs.

Brief Summary of Case taking :- Patient :ame to NEHM O.P.D., complaning with Spondilitis with Cervical Congestion and eeplessness etc.

General Examination :-
Blood Lipid Profile
dated 14.07.2004.

- Cholesterol H 253

After seeing the Blood report treatment -as been started from 03.08.2004, (by using Heart Tone - E (Special) and Liver Tone - E (Special drop) 15 drops three times regularly). After one month another blood Lipid Profile has been done. According to the report dt.01.09.2004.
- Cholesterol 146
The improvement shown after taking the treatment is remarkable hence it will be continued for one month.
Date 29.10.2004 present position orthe patient is progressive and completely fit.

Patient Case - 3

Mr. Manish Kumar Dated. 13.01.2004
Ganga Nagar (Raj.)
Age - 19 Yrs.

Brief Summary of Case taking :- Patient came to NEHM O.P.D., complaning with Cardica, Arythema, Blocking of Valves. Case came from AIIMS, New Delhi. Dr. Ram Murtti& Dr. NareshGoyal of AIIMS handiling this case.

General Examination :- According to ECG report from AIIMS suffering from Sever ArtirialStanosis, Aortic Valves -Thickening/Calcification, Bicuspid Adv. disease dt.03.01.2004.

Remark :- (Given by AIIMS ECG report) Bicuspid Adv. disease.
Peak - 97 mm hg
Mean - 60 mm hg

After seeing the report treatment has been started from 17.01.2004, (by using Heart Tone - E (Special) and Liver Tone -E (Special drop) 15 drops three times regularly) and it continue. After 9 Months again ECG report has been done dt. 07.10.2004. There is remarkable recov-ery on the Thickening/Calcification on Aor-tic Valves, it reduces upto 36.
Remark :- (Given by AIIMS ECG report)
Peak - 54 mm hg
Mean - 36 mm hg
After seeing report dt. 07.10.2004 the medicines extended for one month.

Patient Case - 4

Mrs. MonalisaDated : 26.02.2005
W/o Mr. Samir Sadhu Khan

Nangloi, New Delhi

Age - 25 Yrs., Female

Brief Summary of Case taking :- Patient :ame to NEHM O.P.D., complaning with Chronic (2-3 years) Urinary tract infection with left renal calculus.
General Examination :- According to USG report dt. 26.02.2005 left renal calculus with sever U.T.I. Patient complaing of burning, colic during micturation. Frequency of micturation also increases with rigor-chill & fever, very sever lambago& also irregular menses. A urine culture & sensitivity test shows pus cells (10-12/ HPF) & organism cultured is E. Coil.
Treatment :-Started Electropathy treatment from 30-04-2005 given combination of - S6+C6+S2+C2+Ven5 with the dose of 15 drops with 1/2 cup of water 4 times a day, Alternate with Drops - Stonex& KI -E. A restorative tonic Sryup - Menso Care - E with dose of one tea spoon full 2 times a day. This whole treatment continue for months.

After 90 days, I advise her to get again an other USG of KUB . The report shows not calculas are there, but U.T.I. presist . The treatment has been goinb on for urinary tract infection with the combination of S6+C6+Ven5+L1+S1+Ver2 15 drops 4 times a day with 1/2 cup of water.

Now this month 20-09-05 patients feels very sound position.

Patient Case - 5

A patient of consolidation of left lower Zone according to X-Ray Reports-16.11.2005, impression was : Findings are suggestive of consolidation left lowe-Zone, taken Electropathy dietary supple-ment (Pectoral and Canceroso group) after 20 days he is fully cured, according tc X - Ray report on 02.12.2005. Impression was : Normal Chest X - Ray

Patient Case - 6

An HIV positive patient having CD4 CD8 counts dated 16.06.2005 are -
CD4 - 317 Cell/UI
CD8 - 553 Cell/UI
CD4/CD8 - 0.57 Cell/UI
Total CD3 average = 901 Cell/UI
After 4 months treatment by ectropathy dietary supplement (Scrofoloso with Blood Cure-E Drops &Synthisis). The improvements shows by report dt. 11-11-2005 are-
CD4 - 384 Cell/UI
CD8 - 716 Cell/UI
CD4/CD4/CD8-0.54 Cell/UI
Total CD3 average = 1158 cell /UI
Note :- The noraml range are-
Absolute CD4 count -500-1400/Cmm..

Patient Case - 7

A patient suffering by Rt. Pleural/Effuision according to X-Ray report dated 16-04.2005. After taking Electropathy dietary supplement (Pectroal with Canceroso and Scrofoloso group) for 2 Months the report shows no abnormalties.

Patient Case - 8

Baby Ojasvi Dated : 02.07.2008
Age - 4 years
Complaining of vomiting, indigestion and yellow discoloration of the eyes, dull sever to pain in the right hypochondrium.
The investigated report dt. 02.07.2008
- Total Bilirubin 3.2
- Conjugated (D. Bilirubin) 2.6
- Unconjugated (I.D. Bilirubin) 0.6
- S.G.O.T. 2655
- S.G.P.T. 2197
Given Electropathy treatment for a week Drop - Liver Tone - E (Special) 5 -E drops three time a day. Shown marked imporvement in her clinical condition, the investigation report dt. 12.07.2008

- Total Bilirubin 1.7
- Conjugated (D. Bilirubin) 1.1
- Unconjugated (I.D. Bilirubin) 0.6

Patient Case - 9

Ghasi Ram Dated : 31.05.2007
Age - 48 years
He was having pain lower abdomen, with frequent micturation, colicky pain with vom-iting. An ultrasonography report of whole abdomen dt. 31.05.2007 - Milchydrocureter left side with 5.5 mm calcu-lus at lower end.
Electropathy treatment has beer given for more than one month.

Drop - Stonex - 10-10-10 three times a day.

Drop - KI - E - 10-10-10 three times a :ay. After one month ultra sonography report dt.27.06.2007 shown no evidence any mass lesioin or calculus.

Patient Case -10

Dinky Pungaliya Dated : 30.01.2008

She was having pain in abdomen for last e..x month she was found to be having a Lmp lower abdomen. Sonography report dt.30.01.2008 confirmed a "cystic swelling in the right side of abdomen in the ovary". Right ovary was of the size of 32 mm. while the Lt ovary was the size of 9.4 by 13 mm. Subsequent to the Electropathy treatment aothersonographydt. 12.03.2008, 'showed no evidence of cystic swelling." Both ovaries are normal in size. cystic or solid mass lesion seen. Rt.O. 17 X 15 mm., Lt. O. 19 X 14 mm. She was treated with the following Electropathi drugs.

Drops - C5, GE, Ven1, WE - 15-15-15 (TDS)
Syrup - Mensocure - E - 1 TSF - (TDS).

Patient Case -11

Satish Dated : 17-07-2009

Aged - 28 years

He was having colicky pain in lumbar region, radiating to the back. He also gives history of having passed blood in urine twice, (heematuria). He was investigated and was found to be having a stone of the size of 6 mm on left ureter. Sonography report dt. 17-07-2009.

After about a month's treatment with electro homoeopathy, he has shown very dramatic improvement in his symptoms. and that is furhter confirmed by the sonography of 28.08.2009, wherein it states no evidence of stone.

Treated with the following Electropathy Medicine.
Drops - Stonex - 10-10-10 drops (TDS)
Drops - KI - E - 10-10-10 drops (TDS)
Tablets - S10 - 2-2-2 tablet after meal (TDS).

Patient Case -12

Mrs. Tophli, Age - 60 years Dated : 11-07-2007

She was having chronic dyspeptic symptoms, with dull pain in right hypochondrium, and disturbed sleep. He could not digest fatty foods, and would often complain of nausea, on investigating fried stuff

She was investigated and was found to be having a stone in the gall bladder measuring 12 mm by 6 mm. See the Sonography report dt.11.07.2009.

He was given a course of Electropathy treatment for six weeks, and sure enough, thee gallstone disappeared. See sonographydt.21.09.2009.

However, a right kidney stone was detected of the size of 6 mm.
Treated with the following :-

Syrup -Liver Tone - E.-1-1-1 teaspoon —TDS)
Drops - S2,C2,F1 - 15-15-15 drops (TDS).
Tablets - S10 - 2-2-2 tablet after meal —TDS)

Patient Case -13

Nathu Ram Dated : 12.05.2005
Age - 23 years .

Dated : 15.07.2009
Age - 28 years

He came with acute pain in abdomen and had flatulence. He was initially treated for hyperacidity, and then he started having semi formed stools with mucus. He was investigated and was found to be having acute colitis.

He was treated with the following Electropathic medicines and has shown excellent improvement. Syrup - Liver Tone - E - 1-1-1 TSF (TDS)
Drops - S2,C10,Ven1,A2 - 10-10-10
drops (TDS).
Drops - . Ven1, Slass, S5, C5 - 10-10-10

Patient Case -15

Purushottam Dated : 8.10.2009
Age - 20 years

Reported with severe pain Rt lumbar region off and on for the last four months.He also had constitutional symptoms like fever, headache, burning micturition. At times, the urine would be dark coffee brown color, while at other times it would be cloudy. On examination, he was having low-grade fever, tenderness over the Rt. lumbar region, and mild puffiness of the face.
He was investigated and a renal calculus with an abscess was found in his right kidney. (See sonographydt. 08.10.2009).

He was treated with Electropathic medicines and the results have been exceedingly good. Not only has he been able to remove the stone, but also the right renal abscess has been healed. The proof of pudding is in the eating and the result speak for themselves. See Sonographydt. 18.11.2009 Normal KUB scans.”
The following medicines were given :-
Stonex - 15-15-15 (TDS)
Drops - KI - E - 15-15-15 drops (TDS)
Tablets - S10 - 2-2-2 tablet after meal (TDS). Syrup - Liver Tone E 1-1-1 TFS (TDS )

Patient Case -16

Gyarsi Dated : 30.05.2009
Age - 45 years

He was having recurrent pain abdomen on the left side, which used to radiate to the back.

At times she used to have vomiting, with difficult painful micturition. She had sleep disturbances with low appetite and head ache off and on.

She was investigated and an ultrasonography was done on 30-05-2009 which revealed a stone of the size of 12 mm on the left kidney.

She was treated with Electropathy medicines, and a repeat sonographydt. 15.07.2009 shows a normal report.
The following medicines were used :-
Drops :Stonex- 15-15-15 (TDS)
Drops - KI - I 15-15-15- drops (TDS).
Tablets -S2,C2,F1,2-2-2 tablet after meal (TDS)
Syrup-Liver TOne -E - 1-1-1 TFS (TDS).

Patient Case -17

Mushtak Dated : 29-07-2009
Age - 50 years
This individual Started having painful swelling of the small joints of fingers also out ten years. Back Subsequently - spread to his knee and elbow also. It became so severe that he could not squat) on the floor or walk without . He reported to Ajmer at Jawahar Nehru Hospital and was .investigated and found to be suffering from the Auto immune disorder -"Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Ivestigation report at JLN Medical college& Hospital dt. 29 July 09,Blood Serum Uricacid - 6.5mg/dt and =RA factor positive. He was treated with ectropathy medicines of 5-6 weeks and the report dated. 24th August, 2009 shwos the following.:-

serum Uric Acid 2.2 mg/dl and KA factor. Direct negative. He has shown good clinical improvement.
The following medicines were given:
A. Rheumex: 10 Drops three times a day
B_ Electro Pain oil : L.A.
C. S6,C6,S1,L1,C1,S5,C5 : 8 Drops three times

Patient Case -18

Patient Name :Jashoda Aged 30 years dated 10-11-2014 , R/o Mukundpur, Delhi.
Complaint : Fever , Vomiting &colic pain.
Diagnosis : As per Blood test report her widdal-O-1:160 & H 1:80 +ve.
Treatment Advise :
(i) A3+C3+F2+S10 fifth diluiton 2 TSF -TDS.
(ii) Viral (Tab) three times a day.
(iii) Liver Tone (syrup) -TDS.
Treatment has been undertaken by Dr.MahavirSingh , a registered practitoner of NEHM of India. After above advise , the medicine has been continued for one month and after that suggested for blood test on 17-12-2014. On the basis of the report widdal :O-1:20 & H 1:20 -ve.

Patient Case -19

Patient Name : Mrs. Rinki , Aged 26 years dated 15-01-2015 , R/o Mukundpur,Delhi
Complaint : Lower Abdomen pain ,Menses Severe bleeding.
Diagnosis :
(i)As per USG report fatty liver.
(ii) Saldges by bilateral kidneys , left renal concretion , left overian cyst (20X19 mm)
Treatment advise :
(i)C5+GE 15 drops TDS.
(iii) Ven 1+WE 15 drops TDS.
(iv) Liver Tone syrup 1TSF TDS
(v) Menso Cure 1TSF TDS.
Case has been undertaken by Dr.Mahavir Singh, a registered practitioner of NEHM of India. After continuing medicine about 4 to 5 months again advised to USG & the report become normal on 08-05-2015.

Patient Case -20

Patient Name. : Mrs. Sonia Aged 24 years
Complaint : HIV +ve.
Diagnosis &Treatment : She has taken all possible treatment in different reputed Hospitals but no response take place . As per USG report her CD 4 absolute count was 444. She came at OPD of NEHM of India and after going through the documents furnished by her , Electropathy treatment has been given. After continuation of Electropathy medicines upto 4 months. And again as per USG report dt.26-04-2015 her CD 4 absolute count report increased as 729 which complete normal range (400-1500). Now her HIV -ve .

Patient Case -21

Patient Name.: Amit Aged 32 years dated 04-01-2016
Compliant : Stomach Pain
Diagnosis : As per the USG report dt. 04-01-2016 there were two calculi appears in right kidney (12 mm x 8 mm ) and left kidney (7.2 mm x 5.2 mm). Treatment advise : Case taken by Dr.Malkani a registered practitioner of NEHM of India with the help of following medicine.
KI &Stonex – 15 drops TDS.
S5 +C6+F1 – 15 drops TDS.
After continuing 3 months treatment no calculi has been found in USG report.

Patient Case -22

Patient Name : Praveen Rana Aged 32 years dated 08-08-2016.
Compliant : Waist (Kamar) & Lower Abdomen Pain.
Diagnosis : As per USG report 8 mm. x 6 mm. calculi appears in Urinary bladder.
Treatment Advise : The case is undertaken by Dr.Udayveer of Bijwasan who is a registered practitioner of NEHM of India. After reading the report the patient has been advised to take Electropathy medicines for 3 to 4 months.
Stonex – 10 drops TDS.
SY & S 5 10-10 drops TDS.
After 3 months no calculi has been found as per USG report.

Patient Case -23

Patient Name :Nathu Ram Aged 23 years
Compliant :Dispeptic Symptom & pain in right side of chest with fever and Anorexia.
Diagnosis : A young man who had Dispeptic symptoms , & pain in right side of Chest, lower side with low grade fever and Anorexia. He was feeling very weak, and also had irritation in the eyes. He was investigated and was found to be having Hepatitis.
His SGOT & SGPT were 135 & 216 U/I respectively.
He was treated with the following Electropathymedicines :S5+F1+Ven1 : 200 DL. 5 drops each after 2 alternate day.
Liver Tone -Spl. : 10 drops Thrice a day.
S6+C6+Ver1 :1-1-1 Tab Thrice a day.
S10 : 2 Tab after meal.
After treatment of 1 month his SGOT was 38 & SGPT was 54 U/I respectively which is nearer to normal range.

In addition to this several cases have also been treated in the OPD of NEHM of India . Even the registered practitioners of NEHM of India are treating patients in every nook and corner of the country. Thus they are not only serving the poor people of the society of the nation but also they are fighting and supporting the govt. to remove unemployment.

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