Dr. Awasthy Speech

"There are four medical systems viz. Allopathy, Ayurveda, Unani & Homoeopathy which are hitherto recognised by the Government of India. They had been under going their promotion, development and research before they were recognised by the Government.
ALLOPATHY : Allopathy is western Medical System which finds its origin in India way back in the sixteenth century, when jodhabai wife of King Mohd. Akbar got burns from a lighting lamp. On the suggestion of a close confident that a new English treatment was developing in England and an English Doctor if called could treat the Maharani, King Akbar called for English Doctors who could treat Jodhabai within 20 days with iodine medicine. This led to promotion, development & propagation of Allopathy Medicine System in India. However after 300 years recognition of Allopathy as a system of medicine came under the Indian Medical Degree Act 1916 only. Section 2 of the Indian Degree Act 1916 Clearly shows that this Act is applicable to Allopathy only. Ayurveda & Homoeopathy are not covered under this Act.
AYURVEDA : Ayurveda traces its origin from Lord 'Brahma' who was the father of Ayurveda medicines. There after Dhanvantri developed Ayurveda and ultimately' Ashwani brought Ayurveda on the Earth. The first Ayurveda Institute was started in Varanasi (UP) about 500 years ago whereas the system got its recognition under the Indian system of Medicine (ISM) Act in in 1970 only. So before 1970 all Ayurveda Institutes & thousands of Doctor were Practising Privately.
HOMOEOPATHY : Homoeopathy was discovered by Dr. S. A. Hahnemann in Germany. In the year 1839 Ranjit Singh Maharaja of Punjab had suffered from flue a kind of fever. He took Allopathy, Ayurveda and Unani treatments in vain. On the information of some well wisher that maharaja Ranjit Singh approached the German Govt. for his treatment by a German Homoeopathy Doctor. Dr. Hahne Berger came to India in 1839 and treated Maharaja Ranjit Singh who later on died after three months of the treatment Dr. Hahne Burger However, stayed in Calcutta and developed Homoeopathy System of Medicine in India. Consequently after 134 years (1839-1973) Homoeopathy was recognised by the Govt. of India through a legislation i.e. Central Council of Homoeopathy Act 1973. Before 1973 a large number of Homoeopathy Private Institutions were imparting medical education by getting registration under the Societies Registration Act 1860 issuing degrees/ diplomas and large number of Homoeopathy Practitioners were practising privately though no Central/State Medical Act was applicable to them.
Today four recognised medical systems exist, there is no reason why fifth or for that matter sixth or seventh will not come? Certainly the fifth will come and even sixth and seventh medical system will also come and get recognition. There has been no Act/Law which prevents/stops the new inventions/discoveries, their promotion and development of new medical system.
ELECTROPATHY : Electropathy is a new fifth medical system in India. Its medicines are purely herbal oriented (essences from medicinal plants only), non toxic, non alcoholic, harmless with no side effects besides being cheap for the poor people.

Dr. Count Ceaser Mattei discovered Electropathy/Electro Homoeopathy in 1865 in Italy. It was later developed & accepted by the German Government in its Health Programmes. Electropathy is an independent and a separate medical system and has no relation whatsoever, with Allopathy, Ayurveda, Unani & Homoeopathy medical systems. Its Pharmacopoeia is totally different from those of these other pathies. There are about hundred Electropathy Institutions imparting four and half year's medical education in the field of Electropathy System. After successful completion of the course the candidates get registration and practice in Electropathy Medicine only. Hon'ble Justice Banerjee of Calcutta High Court in his strongly worded decision has remarked that Govt. Can't stop the development of new medical science (Electropathy) in India.

NEHM of India registred as a society by NCT Govt. of Delhi to promote Electropathy system of medicine courses. The Aims & Objects of the Society incorporated entitled the society to open educational institutions for coaching and providing education to the students in Electropathy system of Medicine and award of certificates to the successful candidates.

To promote the system, NEHM of India opened educational Institutions in different parts of the country. The syllabus is yardstick for students to take education in BEMS four years certification couse. NEHM of India regulates the functioning of different colleges, conducts the examinations and qualified students are granted, certificates of qualification. The colleges hold medical camps during the year under the direction of the society where Electropathy medicines are provided free of cost to the people. A free dispensary has been opened in New Delhi Medical Institute New Mahavir Nagar (Tilak Nagar), New Delhi - 18. Which treats the patients of even some incurable diseases as well, throughout the year.

Its medicines are obtained from Vegetable and herbs with the help of distilled water, it is health friendly and based upon only 114 medicinal and aromatic plants. The principle of Electropathy is "Complexa-Complexis-Curantur".

NEHM of India has always been knocking the door of the Govt. for recognition of the system in the year 1988 NEHM of India along with fifty one members of parliament approached the Govt. for recognition of the system and provided all details to the Union of India. On 01.09.1988 an Inquiry Committee was formed in which Dr. N.K. Awasthy, Secretary NEHM of India was appointed as a Member of Inquiry Committee.

It may not be out of place to mention that Electropathy System of Medicine is recognised by USA Govt. through its corporate charter. A medical Council (National Certification Agency For Health Care personnel (NCAHP) which has been recognised by USA Government to conduct the electropathy couses by opening electropathy institutions and its certifications. NEHM of India has its affiliation for this certification programme.
Italy has recognised this system which has its doctors practicing this branch of medicine.
Electropathy System is also recognised in Germany, medicines are prepared in its organisation. Many Institutions are running and electropathy doctors are practicing in electropathy medical science.
The Chairman of the Society, NEHM of India had introduced a Private Member Bill (Electropathy Recognition Bill No. 138/90, in the Parliament (Lok Sabha) for the recognition of Electropathy Medical science.

Inquiry Committee constituted by the Govt. of India submitted its report to the Govt. for consideration on December 1990.

Discussion held on Private member Bill No. 138/90 in the Lok Sabha on 22.02.1991 and assurance had been given for the constitution of Expert Committee on Electropathy.

On 31.05.1991 the Hon'ble Minister of Health visited the premises of N.E.H.M. of India and having satified of the functioning of this Organisation he categorically stated, "N.E.H.M. of India is the only Organisation today which is serving the cause of Electropathy in the country." After that he authorised NEHM of India, New Delhi vide is order No. 650/DM/H&FW/91-N dated 14.06.91 and 2921/DM/H&FW/91-VIP dated 17.06.1991 for promotion, development & research of Electropathy. As such NEHM of India has since been sending annual progress report to the Ministry of Health & F.W., Govt. of India regularly.
Expert Committee was formed on 16.05.1991 in which Dr. N.K. Awasthy was again appointed as a Member of Expert Committee to recommend to the Government for recognition of the system. Expert doctors visited several colleges of NEHM of India and saw the functioning of this system and conveyed their recommendations to the Govt. of India.
Expert Committee constituted by Ministry of Health & F.W., Government of India submitted its report to the Govt. on 27.08.1991 for consideration.
Promotion, development and research cannot be done in four closed doors. The purpose of the people at large is required to be kept in view.

Homoeopathy was given recognition after it was practised by the doctors for nearly 134 years (1839-1973) in India essentially there was neither any society nor any recognised body which imparted the medical treatment to the patients. The Society was functioning subsequently after the society Registration Act came into force in the year 1860 and once the Society was formed then it opened the colleges and taught the system of Homoeopathy to the people and it was blindly accepted. The private institutions were opened to impart education in Homoeopathy and the doctors were practising Homoeopathy after getting certificates from the said societies of the educational institutions

PRESENT STATUS : Present status of Electropathy falls under the same category as Homeopathy had been before its recognition in 1973. Electropathy is developing as an alternative system of medicine and has been accepted as such by a large number of people.

The society NEHM of India has entered inot collaboration with Dr. Y.S.P. University of H.&F., Solan (HP) under memorandum of Understanding. Which will provide medicinal plants to NEHM of India for the preparation of Medicines. For this purpose a land in Delhi has been acquired by the Society where some of the medicinal plants have already been planted. Most of the plants are already grown in the Union territory and Solan. The medicines are prepared from the medicinal plants with distilled water. The medicinal character of the plants is explained in the Materia Medica and Practice of Medicine, which is one of the important subjects in the curriculum system of Electropathy and is taught to the students in the Electropathy Colleges.

While recommending to the Govt. of India for formation of Expert Committee for recommendations for recognition of the system, the Dy. Secretary, Ministry of Health wrote to the Minister and had stated "Before Homoeopathy was recognised a large number of institutions were imparting medical education and Homoeopathic practitioners were practising in Homoeopathy without Government recognition. Similar situation exists in the case of Electro Homoeopathy".
NEHM of India has always been for the recognition of this system of medicine and was knocking the doors of Union of India for this purpose. On 13.04.1993 the Chairman, NEHM of India had introduced a Private member Bill No. 20/93 in the Parliament (Rajya Sabha) and discussion was held on 19.05.1995. The Health Minister stated, "It is necessary to have more development of this pathy and it will be recognised when the public will recognise it."

It has been stated that Homoeopathy got recognition under Central Council of Research in Homoeopathy Act 1973 and Electropathy does not fall under the purview of CCH-Act-1973. The Director General, Central Council of Research in Homoeopathy and Dr. Augustine, Advisor, Homoeopathy Govt. of India has clearly stated that Electropathy and Homoeopathy are different from each other, this has already been pointed out by the Expert Committee.

The society, NEHM of India is doing selfless service to the common man and others. NEHM of India is fully devoted to the system of medicine. The object of NEHM of India is to educate the students and help them to come out as doctors to provide relief.

Electropathy medical system falls under the category of traditional and alternative system of medicine in which five systems are already recognised by the Govt. of India i.e. Ayurveda, Unani, Homoeopathy, Yoga & Naturopathy. Peoples are accepting at large as a Alternative system of medicine.

During discussion on a questionnaire, the Union Health Minister has stated in the Rajya Sabha on 18.03.97 "regarding electropathy system of medicine that I want more documents about the progress of electropathy development to be sent to his Ministry. I request to Hon'ble member and electropathy organisations to furnish more details/documents regarding development, so that Health Ministry can take up the case for recognition of electropathy medical science/system". Thus NEHM of India has since been sending its progress report towards the promotion development and reaserch of electropathy as asked by the Ministry in its order dated 14.06.1991.

Electropathy medicine is natural, harmless, no side effect that means electropathy medicines are good for health because the patients do not require hospitalisation. Neither any organisation, Drug Research Department Union of India, Ministry of Health, Govt. of India and any other State Government have not complained that electropathy medicines are not good for public Health."

At the initiative and effects of Dr. N.K. Awasthy Electropathy medical science is expanded every nook and corner of India. He is stading at the door of the Govt. for its recognition and the time is not far that Electropathy will get recognition from the Govt.

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