Liver Care


Liver Tone - E (Sp) is a specially formulated Electropathy Herbal food supplement for the healthy maintenance of Liver functioning. It is a pure herbal based dietary food supplement for healthy liver and the cure for almost all the disorders of Liver.
Indications: Hepatitis, Jaundice, Cirrhosis of Liver, Liver enlargement, loss of Appetite, indigestion etc. Its most important use is as a dietary food supplement for regular alcohol users, for the maintenance of healthy Liver functioning. Its efficacy has been proved in all the acute and chronic Liver disorders Temperament Indications: Best used for Lymphatic Temperament

Ingredients: Liver Tone - E (SP) - has pure extracts of herbs(Vegetable Kingdom) such as Papaya,Bhumi Aamlaki, Macoy, Kalmegh along with 13 other plants.(Vegetable Kingdom).

Physiological Action: Five plants act for the normal maintenance of Physiological functions Four of the plants act for the regeneration of Liver cells, Three of these act for rejuvenating the Liver and Two plants have healing properties.

Scientific Method of preparation:The clean parts of the plants to be used are heated at a constant temperature of 37o C, resembling to the normal Human body temperature which enables the properties extraction with the nature's OD Force.All Electropathy herbal dietary food supplements are prepared by the same method.

Liver Tone - E (SP) Package:
of one month dietary food supplements dosage includes:
Liver Tone - E (SP) 2 Bottles of 30 ml each and
SYNTHESIS DROPS 1 Bottle of 30 ml.

Price: Liver Tone - E (SP) Package for one month dosage.

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