Electropathy/Electro Homoeopathy

(Herbal oriented new medical system)

Electropathy /Electro Homoeopathy is a new medical system comes under the category of alternative system of medicine. Discovery this medical system had happened in Itlay by Dr. Count Ceaser Mattei in the year 1865. Its medicines are purely based on Herbal / Medicinal plants and prepared with the help of distilled water and spageric essence obtained from medicinal plants at normal room temperature through scientific process called cohobation. Purification of two vital fluids i.e. Blood & Lymph of human body is the main objective of the system. Its medicines are quite natural, harmless , unique ,non toxic and free from any side/adverse effect. Any discomfort can be easily and quickly controlled with the help of these medicines. It is more familiar as Electropathy in India.
NEHM of India has made tremendous achievement of promoting Electropathy medical system and also advancing its medicines after considering all the factors needed for the purpose.

NEHM of India is fully authorized to promote this system by manufacturing medicines in this field for the kind help to the practitioners registered with NEHM of India, New Delhi.


Naturo Electro Homoeopathy Medicos of India in short NEHM of India is a premier organization first of its kind engaged in the promotion, development & research of Herbal oriented new medical system Electropathy/Electro Homoeopathy under its specific aims & objectives / rules and regulations since more than 3½ decades. It has wide network to promote this medical system by establishing Electropathy Institutions, conducting courses and awarding certificates to its qualified persons throughout India. Nearly 70 Electropathy medical Institute are functioning throughout India under its affiliation who are imparting Electropathy education covering complete medical syllabi.

It is a competent authority to conduct examination and award certificates as per the directives made in FAO No.205/92 dt. 18-11-1998 passed by Hon’ble Delhi High Court. Hon’ble Supreme Court of India maintained this statusquo/ had re-affirmed it through SLP 11262/2000 dt.24-11-2000 filed by Delhi Govt. and Union of India . Delhi Govt. has also issued a notification confirming this observation. Complying the order of Hon’ble Allahabad High Court dt. 03-08-2009 in CMWP.No.31904 of 1991 filed by it, Ministry of Health & F.W. , Govt. of India has already issued aorder vide No. V.25011/276/2009-HR dt. 05-05-2010 mentioning therein in accordance with orders of the High Court and Supreme Court quoted here, there is no proposal to stop the petitioner (NEHM of India) from practicing in Electropathy or imparting education. Ministry further stated that once the legislation to recognize new system of medicine is enacted, any practice or education would be regulated in accordance with the said Act. In the said policy decision , the authorization of NEHM of India given by former Dy. Health Minister has also been accepted by the Ministry. This notification / order hasbecame a policy decision as per the order of Hon’ble Ahmedabad High Court dt. 31-08-2010.

There are several achievements made by NEHM of India for the promotion & development of this medical system. With the sincere efforts of it accompany with the Principal and registered practitioners , Rajasthan Govt. has given recognition to the system by passing a Bill in Rajasthan Assembly on 09-03-2018.Hon’ble Governor of the State has also approved /signed on the Act No.13 of 2018 (Rajasthan ElectropathyChikitsaPadhti Adhiniyam,2018).
NEHM of India has made tremendous achievement of promoting Electropathy medical system and also advancing its medicines after considering all the factors needed for the purpose.NEHM of India is fully authorized to promote this system by manufacturing medicines in this field for the kind help to the practitioners registered with NEHM of India, New Delhi.

Those who are not able to do its courses through regular mode of education, facilities are also available to do through correspondence courses under distance education. After completion of courses, candidate are fully entitled to do his /her medical practice in Electropathy medical system.


Brief Note

INTRODUCTION:  “Necessity is the mother of invention”. This slogan is not only applicable on the invention of general and basic amenities but also applicable in the field of medical sciences. Based on this, a noble scientist Dr. Count Ceaser Mattei who basically was a politician discovered a herbal based medical system Electro Homoeopathy on the inspiration and credit goes to his pet dog who suffered from wound  and cured with the help of water consisting essences of plants, leaves, shrubs and other medicinal plant components uprooted in a pit. This incidence attracted the mind of Count Ceaser Mattei to invent this medical system.

Advent of Medical system tells that system invent first then develop and recognize later after acceptance, development made by agencies for awareness of general public at large. For example : -

 (A)     ALLOPATHY is western Medical System which finds its origin in India way back in the sixteenth century, when jodhabai wife of King Mohd. Akbar got burns from a lighting lamp. A number of famous vaids and Hakims etc. failed in their efforts to treat the Maharani. On the suggestion of a close confident that a new English treatment was developing in England and an English Doctor if called, could treat the Maharani, King Akbar called for English Doctors who could treat Jodhabai within 20 days with Iodine solution. This led to promotion, development & propagation of Allopathy Medicine System in India. However after 300 years propagation of Allopathy as a system of medicine got recognition under the Indian Medical Degree Act 1916 only. During that period Ayurveda and Homoeopathy were although being practiced in India. Section 2(D) of the Indian Degree Act 1916 clearly shows that this Act is applicable to Allopathy only. Ayurveda & Homoeopathy are not covered under this Act.

(B)      AYURVEDA traces its origin from GOD ‘BRAHMA’ who was the father of Ayurvedic medicines. Thereafter Dhanvantri developed Ayurveda and ultimately Ashwani brought Ayurveda on the Earth. For thousands of years Ayurveda was though being practised without any regular Institute of recognition in India. Old vaidya would teach Ayurvedic Medicine to few students and would issue hand written certificates authorising them to practice Ayurveda. The first Ayurvedic Institute was started in Varanasi (U.P) about 500 years ago whereas the system got its recognition under the Indian system of Medicine (I.S.M.) Act in 1970 only. So before 1970 all Ayurvedic Institutes were imparting education and awarding diploma/certificates of Vaid/Hakims etc. & thousands of Doctors were practising privately.

(C)      HOMOEOPATHY was discovered by Dr. S.A. Hahnemann in Germany. In the year 1839 Sh. Ranjit Singh Maharaja of Punjab suffered from flue, a kind of fever. He took Allopathy, Ayurveda and Unani treatments but all in vain. On the information of some well wisher that Homoeopathy, a new system was developing in Germany, Maharaja Ranjit Singh approached the German Govt. for his treatment by a German Homoeopath. Dr. Hahne Berger came to  India in 1839 and treated Maharaja Ranjit Singh who later on died after three months of the treatment. Dr. Hahne Berger however, stayed in Calcutta and developed Homoeopathy System of Medicine in India.

Consequently after 134 years (1839-1973) Homoeopathy was recognised by the Govt. of India through a legislation i.e. Central Council of Homoeopathy Act 1973. Before 1973 a large number of Homoeopathy Private Institutions were imparting medical education by getting registration under the Societies Ragistration Act 1860, issuing degrees/diplomas and large number of Homoeopathy Practitioners were practising privately though no Central/State Medical Act was applicable to them. This fact has aleady been accepted by former Dy. Health Secretary (Mrs. Amarjeet Kaur) on 11.02.1991. Struggle made by Homoeopathy before  recognition is mentioned in the book “Struggle in Homoeopathy written by Dr. K.G. Saxena who was also the Member of Homoeopathy Advisory Committee and family Physician of former President of India.

Similarly different types of medical systems i.e. Sowa-Rigpa, Acupuncture  have also been recognized by Central Government recently. Apart from this many medical systems are still developing in which Electropathy /Electro Homoeopathy is superior and standing at the door of recognition.


ABOUT THE SYSTEM :- After recognition of four medical systems i.e. Allopathy (Western Medical System), Ayurveda & Unani (Ancient medical system) & Homoeopathy, Electropathy/Electro homoeopathy is also  prevalent in India and other developing countries.

DISCOVERY :- The discovery of this medical system was made in the year 1865 by Italian Scientist Count Ceaser Mattei of Bologna (Italy). He was born on 11th January, 1809 at La Rocchetta of Balogna (Italy). He was honoured by the pope as Count. He was also a Lt. Col. and Chief Magistrate. In addition to this he was also elected as “Member of Parliament”.

ORIGIN :- The invention of this medical system was sudden and by chance in the year 1865. Mattei was lover of nature. He used to go to the jungle in front of his house daily to observe the natural scenes i.e. trees, plants, shrubs etc. One day it so happened that while he was in the Jungle, rain storm appeared and many trees were uprooted and fell down on the ground. At that time he observed that a wounded dog, who had many injuries on his body entered into a pit, where trees had fallen and washed his wounds in the water collected in the pit. The next day Mattei came in the morning walk etc. as a routine. He saw the same pet dog sitting in the same pit filled with water. After some time he disappeared. That dog repeated this activity for a week and when Mattei saw him after a week the dog was 80% cured. Mattei thereafter examined the water of that pit and tree which had fallen there. He tried the water of that pit on many ailing persons as a medicine. These persons got relief from that pit water. Mattei then made further research on trees & plants and ultimately invented Electropathy/Electro-Homoeopathy, the fifth medical system adopting the formula of paracelsus theory according to law of nature. Hence the real inspiration for the invention of this medical system goes to his pet dog.

Mattei felt that our food is mostly vegetable kingdom and therefore, the diseases should also be cured by vegetable kingdom. With this idea he started his work for finding the details about the vegetable kingdom and at what stage they are good for medicines and what combinations of plants will come a particular diseases. He studied the other four medical systems also and found that every pathy lacks somewhere.

MEDICINES :- As the vegetable plants contain electric power, he prepared its medicines with spageric essences under Cohobation process without loss of Radio activity or ‘Od force’. At last he found 200 medicinal plants and herbs from which he prepared 60 medicines and 44 patents under seperate Pharmacopoeia. Since Electropathic medicines are prepared only with distilled water and spageric essence obtained from medicinal plants only, no any inorganic compounds used in the preparation of electropathic medicines. The merits (advantages) of electropathic medicines are as  under :-
Scorofoloso, Angiticos , Febrifugo, Canceroso, Venerio, Limfatico, Vermifugo, Pettorale & Electricities etc.

MERITS OF ELECTROPATHIC MEDICINES : - Since electropathic medicines are prepared with distilled water and spageric essence obtained from medicinal plants wherein no iron , mercury , alcohol , Chemical substances and animal kingdom are used while preparing of electropathy medicines. The merits (advantages of electropathy medicines are as under :-

1.          Electropathic medicines are unique, non-toxic, natural & harmless.

2.         Electropathic medicines have no side or adverse effect at all on human body because medicines are so prepared with the help of distilled water & essences of vegetable kingdom plants at 370C i.e. room temperature.

3.         Medicines are very cheap and most suited for rural people who does not afford the costly medicines of other systems.

4.         Any discomfort can be easily and quickly controlled.

5.         Medicines are prepared with Cohobation process at normal room temperature (370C equivalent human temperature 98.6 F).

6.         Patient do not require hospitalisation except surgery  and emergency cases.
7.         Purification of blood & lymph are the main objectives of electropathic medicines.

PRINCIPLE :- The Principle of electropathy medical science holds “Complexa-Complexis-Curantur”. The aim of the Principle being that our body is a Complex built up so only Complex remedy for Complex disease will prove worthy. Our body has also positive (+) and negative (-) charges and if the charges of the body is kept in steady state (equlibrium), would help in removing the diseases. There are different organs in body. Main unit is cell. Each cell join up to form tissues & organs of a human body. Hence it is a complex process. That is why the treatment should also be complex. A complex remedy will cover up all the areas which have been affected, scientifically. Electropathy recognises human and plants as two complementary electronic configuration of natural system in which herbal plants act as a donar while human being as an acceptor. The root cause of any disease in human body is an imbalance in electronic potential in a specific organ/all parts of the human body.


After death of Dr. Mattei, Electropathy was further developed in Germany. It has also been developing in other countries like USA, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Switzerland etc. In India it is being developed properly by NEHM of India, Janak Puri, New Delhi under the leadership/Principal Secretary Dr. Narendra Kumar Awasthy. He was also one of the Expert Members in both the Committees constituted by the Ministry of Health and F.W., Govt. of India for the recognition of Electropathy. He has dedicated his life in the  propagation of this herbal Oriented medical system Electropathy. Due to his efforts many starred and un-starrd questions for the recognition of the system were got raised through the M.Ps in the Parliament Pvt. Member Bills (Electropathy Recognition Bill) has also been introduced in the Parliament.

Due to his persistent efforts towards the promotion various courts have also passed the order in favour of electropathy as well as NEHM of India. In addition to this the Hon’ble Courts have also granted legal rights to NEHM of India and in accordance with court’s judgement. “NEHM of India may issue Diploma/Certificates and holders to such diploma/certificates are entitled to practise Electropathy System of Medicines on the strength thereof”. His sincere efforts and dedication, NEHM of India and Electropathy have arrived at a stage where it can establish a seperate identity in the medical systems as a complete disease system of medicines commenly known as fifth new medical system Electropathy/Electro homoeopathy which has seperate Pharmacopoeia.

Due to his efforts and dedication, he has been awarded several awards such as Electropathy Samrat of India, Mattei Ratna Award, Yugvir, Excellent and many other   prestigious awards.

Although there is a Constitutional Law U/s 19 (1) (g) that every citizens have right to do or profess any work or business in the interest of general public. Except this, large number of orders passed by bottom to top level courts in favour of this system as well as NEHM of India. Details are already available on the record of it as achievement. Some main and important / remarkable / historical judgements passed by Judiciary as well as Government are depicted below and on behalf of that NEHM of India is standing today for development of this system :

Judiciary Orders :

Order of Civil Judge, Tis Hazari Court Delhi dt. 14-08-1992

Sh. P.K. hasin, Addl. Distt. Judge, Tis Hazari Court, Delhi had passed an order (Suit No.27 of 1992, NEHM of India Vs Delhi Administration & Union of  India) restraining the  defendants from issuing any public notice concerning the activities of the plaintiff as has been done in the form of public notice dt. 09-07-1992.  

Delhi High Court Order FAO No.205/92 dt. 18-11-1988.

Hon’ble Delhi High Court while delivering the judgement  in FAO No. 205/92 Delhi Govt. & Union of India Vs NEHM of India on 18.11.98, the Delhi High Court has ordered that NEHM of India may issue Diploma/Certificates and holders of such Diploma/Certificates are entitled to practice in Electropathy systems of  medicines on the strength thereof.

Supreme Court of India order SLP No.11262/2000 dt.24-11-2000

 Hon’ble Supreme Court of India at New Delhi dismissed the S.L.P. filed by the   Union of India and Delhi Govt. Challenging the order FAO No. 205/92 of Hon’ble Delhi High Court dt. 18.11.98. The Hon’ble Court has re-affirmed/ maintained the statusquo of the High Court order. 

Allahabad High Court order dt. 05-09-1991 and 29-10-1991.

Hon’ble Allahabad High Court directed the Union of India to recognize the BEMS course run by NEHM of India within 3 months on the basis of the Expert Committee Report as well as the authorization order of Dy. Health Minister, Govt. of India.

Allahabad High Court order CMWP No.31904/91 dt.03-08-2009.

Hon’ble High Court of Allahabad (U.P) disposed of  Writ  Petition No. 31904 of 1991 directing the Union of India that the petitioner (NEHM of India) may file a fresh representation before the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi, bringing on record the various orders passed by various High Courts and that of the Supreme Court. If such a representation is made with regard to recognition of the course, the authority will consider and decide the matter to recognize BEMS course run by petitioner i.e. NEHM of India by a reasoned and speaking order within six months from the date of the production of a certified copy of this order along with the representation. If necessary, the petitioner would be accorded personal opportunity of hearing by the respondents.  

ORDER OF HON’LBE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA (SLP CIVIL No. 23572/2009 &  29919/2011 dt. 22-01-2015) 

While disposing of above SLP , Hon’ble Supreme court of India has ordered that in view of the Counter Affidavit filed by the Union of India, to the effect that there is no ban on the medical practice of electro homoeopathy,  … It is also submitted that Circular dt. 5th May, 2010 is also on similar lines. In this case practitioners was affiliated and qualified & registered with NEHM of India.

Tamilnadu High Court order W.P.No. 38388 of 2016 dt.28-11-2016.

Madras High Court delivered a final judgment in W.P.No.38388 of 2016 dt. 28-11-2016 allowing the petitioner /practitioner to practice in the system without hindrances  in view of the Central Govt. policy decision dt. 05-05-2010 and Supreme Court of India order dt. 22-01-2015. Hence, there is no need to take permission from the Joint Director of Health, Vellore, District to practice Electropathy in Tamilnadu.

Government Orders :

Constitution of Expert Committee of Electropathy by Ministry of Health & F.W., Govt. of India on 16-05-1991 with the view to recognize the system.

  An Expert Committee was constituted by the Health Ministry. Four senior officers were selected to represent the four pathies while the fifth one (Electro-homoeopathy) all over India was allocated to Dr. N.K. Awasthy, Secretary, NEHM of India, New Delhi. Committee Members had visited Electropathy Institutions affiliated to NEHM of India for necessary inspection and submitted inspection report to the Ministry which was favour to the system.

Visit of Dy. Union Health Minister , Govt. of India dt.31-05-1991 to inspect the working of NEHM of India towards Promotion, Development & Research of Electropathy medical system.

On the direction of Prime Minister of India (Sh. Chandra  Shekhar Ji) the Hon’ble Dy. Minister of Health & F.W. Govt. of India along with research team visited the office of N.E.H.M. of India, New Delhi, to see the premises & its working and to examine how Electropathy medicine work on human body and after  having been satisfied he categorically stated that NEHM of India, the only organisation today serving the cause of Electropathy. I will do every possible for this Institution as well the system on behalf of the Ministry.

Order of Dy. Minister, Ministry of Health & F.W., Govt. of India dt. 14-06-1991 & 17-06-1991.

Dy. Union Health Minister and his colleague submitted  Inspection report to  concerned Deptt. of Health Ministry and thereafter he wrote in a official note that NEHM of India is only organization today serving the cause of Promotion, Development & Research of Electropathy medical system. It may be authorised for Promotion, Development & Research of Electropathy in India and thereafter on  17-06-1991 Hon’ble  Dy.Union Health Minister vide his D.O. Letter confirmed the Chairman, NEHM of India regarding authorization stating therein “I have authorised NEHM of India for Promotion, Development & Research of Electropathy in India”.

Directorate of Health Services, Govt. of NCT of Delhi Notification dt.20-06-2003.

Directorate  of   Health    Services,   Govt.   of    NCT  of   Delhi   in  correspondence with Union Health Ministry, Govt. of India has issued notification in light of the observation of Hon’ble Delhi High Court duly  confirmed by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India that NEHM of India may issue diploma/certificates & holders of such diploma/certificates obtained from NEHMof India are entitled to practise electropathy system of medicines as stated in the order FAO No. 205/92 dt. 18-11-1998.

Central Govt. i.e. Ministry of Health & F.W. order No.V.25011/276/2009-HR dt.05-05-2010.

Deptt. of Health Research, Ministry of Health & F.W., Govt. of   India after examine the facts  as well as judgements of various Courts and Supreme Court mentioned in the representation which was filed by Principal Secretary on 28-10-2009 so directed by the Hon’ble High Court of Allahabad on 03-08-2009, the Ministry   issued  the order no. V.25011/276/2009 (HR) dt. 5th May, 2010

stating therein that there is no proposal to stop the petitioner i.e. NEHM of India from practicing in electropathy or imparting education. Further it has also been stated in the order dt. 05-05-2010 that once the legislation to recognize new system of medicine is enacted , any practice or education would be regulated in accordance with the said Act.

Later on order of Central Govt. dt. 05-05-2010 became a policy decision as per the order of Hon’ble Ahmedabad High Court dt. 31-08-2010 (Chief Justice Mr. S.J. Mukhopadhaya & Honourable Mr. Justice Anant S. Dave). The contents of the order as follows :

5 (ii)    “The Central Govt. having taken a policy decision by its letter dt. 05-05-2010, the respondent authorities, including the Surat Municipal Corporation and the State Govt., are bound to give weightage to the same, and to act  in accordance with the law and judgements of different High Courts and Supreme Court, as referred in the Central Govt. letter aforesaid.

Recognition of Electropathy in Rajasthan State by introducing a Bill in Legislative Assembly.  

With sincere efforts of NEHM of India and mutual corporation of Electropathy institution affiliated to it and registered practitioners of it, Rajasthan Government constituted Electropathy Legal & Sceintific Analysis Committee consist of the Experts of Botanists, Phamacologists, Clinical Research, Electropathy expert, Expert of other medical system viz. Senior Scientist -17, CMO-40, Legal Expert-5 and other Expert including Vice Chancellors of the Universities of Rajasthan Govt.-16. On the basis of the evidences and documents received and examined , the committee has a clear judgment that Electropathy / Electrohomeopathy is a simple, economical , accessible  and secure therapeutic approach, It must be recognized in the State. Taking into consideration the utility and merits of Electropathy, the committee expresses its thorough conviction and strongly recommends the State Government to draft essential law and initiate the statutory administrative process to grant due recognition to Electropathy in the state. Ultimately on  09-03-2018 the Assembly of Rajasthan Govt. has passed Electropathy System of Medicine Bill No. 13 of 2018  recognising the system in Rajasthan State. Hon’ble Governor of Rajasthan State has already signed on the Bill on 10th October, 2018. Therefore, Electropathy system of medicine is a recognized medical system in a state like Rajasthan.  

According to Central Govt. Policy Decision dt. 05-05-2010, DHR, Ministry of Health & F.W., Govt. of India supposed to have make legislation for recognition to Electropathy but surprising that on 28-02-2017, DHR issued a notice Vide No.V.25011/436/2016-HR dt.28-02-2017 through portal/website inviting the proposals /suggestions from various stakeholders /public /supporters/promoters of alternative system of medicine, seeking recognition to any new system(s) of medicine accompany with relevant documents /literatures of the system. An Inter Departmental Committee (IDC) has also setup by DHR to look into the matter. NEHM of India consists of other 29 Boards / Institutions have submitted jointly proposal to IDC as per terms and reference laid down in the notice dt. 28-02-2017. Process are going on.   


In India there are several Boards (85 approximately) are functioning unauthorisedly or incompetently doing Promotion, Development & Research but except NEHM of India no one has permitted to conduct examination and award certificates. For example : 

Order of Allahabad High Court dt. 26-05-2017 in SAD No.630/2016.

As per the judgement of Hon’ble Allahabad High Court in the matter of WP SAD No. 630/2016 dt.26-05-2017 , the Institutions / Organisations/ Boards/ Councils registered only S.R.Act, 1860 have no right to conduct examination and even awards certificates . Hon’ble Court also directed CBI Department to investigate this matter by lodging FIR against such Institutions. A news item was also published in Print Media “Jansatta” dt. 01-06-2017. The matter was also upheld in the Apex Court through SLP No.24307 /2017 which was dismissed on 23-10-2017 by Hon’ble Apex Court

Order of Kolkatta High Court dt. 25-03-2014 in PIL W.P. No.9438 of 2014.

 A PIL No. 9438 of 2014 has been filed in the High Court of West Bengal at  Calcutta with the view to restrain the operation of policy decision dt. 05-05-2010 because Electropathy practitioners of other Board not covered  under the ambit / purview of policy decision dt. 05-05-2010 issued by Ministry of Health & F.W., Govt. of India. Hon’ble High Court during the debate of arguments , found that said PIL was filed by petitioner on the basis of false averments and therefore, above PIL has been dismissed with cost. This matter was also upheld in Hon’ble Apex Court by filing SLP No.CC 16289/2016 which was dismissed by Hon’ble Apex Court.                                                        

Therefore, now there is no confusion that NEHM of India is only organization is covered under the  ambit / purview  of policy  decision dt. 05-05-2010 issued by Ministry of Health & F.W., Govt. of India.

Right to conduct examination and award degree /diploma /certificates to only those Boards/ Organisations / Societies permitted either one of three Competent Authorities viz. Universities under UGC (Govt. of India), State Government and Judiciary. NEHM of India has already been permitted by Judiciary to conduct examination, award diploma / certificates vide order FAO No.205/92 dt.18-11-1998 passed by Hon’ble Delhi High Court duly re-affirmed by Hon’ble Apex Court dt. 24-11-2000.  Therefore, NEHM of India itself is a Competent Authority of its kind i.e. for Electropathy education and practice in accordance with the order of Hon’ble High Court, Hon’ble Supreme Court as well as Central Govt. vide Policy Decision dt. 05-05-2010 which further re-affirmed by Hon’ble Apex Court dt. 22-01-2015 in terms of there is no ban on medical practice of Electro Homoeopathy.

In addition to this so many such orders of different High Court in favour of NEHM of India which confirms that NEHM of India is a competent authority has full right to conduct examination, issue certificates and the holders are entitled to practice in the system.

In view of the above facts mentioned above in India NEHM of India, New Delhi is the only organization authorised for promotion, development & research of Electropathy medical system and being a competent authority, the persons qualified from and registered with it are fully entitled to practice Electropathy / Electro Homoeopathy line of treatment.

In order to develop promptly among general public , NEHM of India offers some certification courses like BEMS (4½ years duration) and MDEH (2 years duration) through its affiliated institutions functioning throughout India as well as directly from the campus of it. Large number of persons after qualifying such courses are serving the society particularly in villages and far flunged areas of every nook and corners of the country. For more details and those who wants to make career in this medical system, person can contact or visit NEHM of India, New Delhi.

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